Our Technology

BSMART Australia is the exclusive distributor and currently the sole operator of the RebrickTM brick-making machine and associated soil technology in Australia.

The technology has been developed to utilise a diverse range of soils and aggregates which have previously been regarded as low value or waste. These include waste from quarries, overburden soils from construction sites and demolition and foundry wastes.

BSMART products do not require large quantities of cement or pure clay but combine modern manufacturing technology and soil science with pressed earth brick making methods, to produce high quality composite bricks and pavers that require no kiln firing.

Machines require three operators (supervisor, stacker, forklift & bobcat operator), run on three-phase electricity or diesel power supply, and produce 900 bricks per hour, fully cured within 28 days and able to be laid within 7 days of production.

Machines are highly portable. This enables on-site and remote location manufacturing. This can greatly reduce embodied energy and offers significant potential for low cost and remote housing developments. The machine can be moved from region to region incorporating cheap and abundant local raw material deposits, or set up in strategic locations to generate ongoing local employment opportunities.

BSMART is able to provide essential training and ongoing support services to new machine operators throughout Australia and overseas, and is on the lookout for partners interested in establishing brick and paver making operations using the Rebrick technology throughout Australia.