Our Process

Re-claiming waste materials

BSMART bricks and pavers are a composite clay-concrete product made from around 80 - 90% surplus soils and waste from construction and demolition sites - providing a much needed recycling channel for these materials which would otherwise go to landfill.

Low 'embodied energy'

BSMART bricks and pavers are exceptionally low in 'embodied energy' - the total energy consumed in a product's life-cycle.

Manufactured using a uniquely sustainable process that combines traditional pressed earth techniques with the latest in soil and manufacturing technology - BSMART products do not require kiln firing, consume very little cement, and can be manufactured on site from local soils which has the added advantage of reducing the amount of transport energy consumed in the process.

BSMART products are sought after by environmentally conscious developers, builders and architects seeking to enhance the environmental credentials of their projects.

Ongoing energy savings

The exceptionally high density of our bricks means they offer excellent thermal properties and with the right design will help to keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter reducing long term energy consumption.

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