Case study: Lochiel Park

In 2008 and 2009 BSMART worked closely with the South Australian Government's Land Management Corporation to help them to reduce the carbon footprint of their cutting edge sustainable housing development at Lochiel Park, in Campbelltown, Adelaide, South Australia.

By locating a brick and paver making machine at the site of the development BSMART was able to turn waste soil from the development into high quality pavers for use in the development. Avoiding the need to take away this waste soil, and avoiding the need to transport a large quantity of bulky pavers into the development from elsewhere, resulted in an enormous savings in carbon emissions for the whole site, and reduced the amount of soil going unnecessarily to landfill.

BSMART pavers have been laid at the entranceway to Lochiel Park and have been used extensively in the public parks, footpaths and driveways in the development.